Getting Started

Turning On/Off:

Press down hard and hold for 3-5 seconds. It will vibrate for one second when turned on.

Button Modes:


Turn off the device before charging. The cable can be plugged into any USB port or USB/AC power adapter to start charging. It will take approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge.
The indicator light will stay on while charging. Once it is fully charged, the solid red light will turn off. If you're unsure whether it's fully charged, you can view the battery indicator in the app.

Cleaning & Care

· Clean your device before and after each use.
· Clean with warm water and mild soap (or a sex toy cleaner).
· Dry thoroughly before storing.
· Keep away from extreme heat or cold.
· DO NOT boil in water (the battery may explode or water could leak into the toy).


To avoid any issues, only use water-based lube. DO NOT use silicone or oil-based lubricants.

Before insertion, generously apply lube to the product and yourself. Water-based lube may dry out, so you should reapply as needed.

We recommend using JO Anal H20 Lubricant for the best experience.

Usage Tip

To get the best connection range possible, the curved end of the base should be facing your back.

Additionally, the phone should be pointed in the general direction of the plug.


If you are new to anal play, please research best practices to avoid any issues. Users of the Hush Plug use at their own risk; neither the manufacturer nor the retailer assumes responsibility or liability for this product.

If you feel pain while inserting or during use, immediately stop using it.

App Download

Compatible with:

·iPhone 4s/5/5C/5S/6/6+/6s/6s+/SE and later
·iPod Touch 5th Generation and later
·iPad 3/4/Air and later
·iPad Mini 1/2 and later
·Android 4.3 and later with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled

Pairing with Your Devices

1. Press and hold hush's button to turn on the toy. A light will flash to indicate it's on.
2. Click the icon.
3. Tap "+" to begin searching. After toy is found, tap "Done". The light will stay on to indicate it's connected. Your toy can now be controlled with your smartphone.


· You only have to pair your toy once. Next time it should automatically connect to your smartphone.
· This icon shows the signal of the connection. It will switch to this one if it disconnects. If paired, it will automatically reconnect.

Connecting With A Partner

1. Go to the "Long Distance" tab.
2. Tap "+" to add a contact. Enter their username and tap "Add".
3. After your partner accepts the request, they will show up in this tab.


· When messaging, press the button to view control options.

· You have the ability to adjust the settings for each partner. Click the "Settings" to adjust your preferences.

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