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  • Can I use Ambi in water?

    Ambi is fully waterproof. You can use it during a shower or bath without any issues. Please be aware that Bluetooth connectivity in/under water is not stable!

  • What material is Ambi made from? Is it safe?

    All Lovense products are 100% body safe. None of our products contain phthalates or any other harmful chemicals. We test our products thoroughly and consider health safety as a top priority!

    Ambi is made from 100% pure silicone.

  • How to program Ambi?

    1. After successfully pairing Ambi to your phone, you will see a "Program" button. Tap this button to see the programming options. If you have left this screen you can always go back to it in the Account tab's "My toy" selection. Programming options for Ambi by Lovense on the Lovense Remote app. 2. Tap "Adjust Levels" to adjust the first three levels.
    3. Tap "Add Pattern" to add a preset pattern onto Ambi.

  • What is the size of Ambi?

    Ambi by Lovense dimensions.

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